Members are expected to attend all rehearsals and concerts. Attendance is taken at each rehearsal and members are expected to be in their seats 10 minutes prior to rehearsal starting time to warm up and tune. Illness, family emergencies, and out-of-town trips are unavoidable realities.

Members anticipating an absence or tardiness must notify the General Manager at least one week in advance by submitting an Absence Permission Form. This form can be filled out online and printed for signatures. You may also save and send to general manager as attachment.

Short notices can be made by calling the YOCVA office at (434) 974-7776 or by email:

If a member misses more than two rehearsals for that concert cycle, they may be asked not to play in the remaining rehearsals and concert. Tardiness or leaving rehearsal early is counted as one-half an absence. Attendance is required at the final two rehearsals before a concert in order to participate in the concert, barring any last-minute date/time changes made by the manager.

Weather-related cancellations of rehearsals are determined by the school/school system in which the rehearsal is held. If the school/school system has closed the school or closed early that day, rehearsal will be cancelled. Evans Orchestra rehearses in a Charlottesville City School; Youth Symphony rehearses in an Albemarle County School; Junior Strings and Clarinet Ensemble rehearse at St. Anne’s-Belfield School (private); All Flute Choirs rehearse at Charlottesville Day School (private). All cancellations will be on the YOCVA message line at (434) 974-7776 and posted on website.

Participation in School-based music programs

Our goal is for the youth in the area to be involved in available school-based programs relevant to their instrument of choice and to participate in a YOCVA ensemble (if accepted) alongside the school-based program.

Every member of a YOCVA ensemble is expected to participate in the main school-based music program that pertains to their instrument if one is available. Home-schooled students and young musicians who do not have a school based-program available to them are exempted on the basis that YOCVA is the only performance opportunity available to them.

Every auditioning member will be asked on their application form whether they participate in their school music program and they must be prepared to state why if they do not. This explanation will be taken into account by each conductor in the decision making process of accepting new members.

Rehearsal facilities and equipment

All orchestras and ensembles are guests in the school in which the rehearsal is held. Instruments and equipment stored in the rehearsal rooms are off-limits.

Members are NOT allowed to wander hallways and enter classrooms. Any damage to equipment or facilities caused by a member is the responsibility of the member and his or her family. Food and beverages are not allowed in the school. All schools are smoke-free environments.


Members should take care to keep music in good condition. All original music (not practice copies) must be returned immediately following the last performance of a work.

Members will be charged $5 for the replacement of EACH piece of lost or damaged music. This includes music that is marked in pen, or heavy pencil that is difficult to replace. Music may be marked LIGHTLY in pencil only.

The replacement cost for lost or damaged music folders will be $15. This rule will be strictly enforced. Orchestra folders are due in at the end of the season or a replacement charge of $15 will be assessed.

String players who are ill or expect to be tardy should make sure their stand partner has the necessary music on the night of a rehearsal.

Concert Dress

Men in Youth Orchestra are required to wear black jackets, slacks, and socks, with white shirts and long dark-colored ties. Bass players are not required to wear jackets. No sneakers.

Men in Evans orchestra are asked to wear dark blue, dark gray or preferably black slacks and socks, white shirts and long dark-colored ties. No sneakers.

Women in the Youth Symphony and Flute Choirs are required to wear long black dresses with long or three-quarter length sleeves, or long-sleeved black blouses with long black skirts or wide-legged dress pants. No sleeveless or strap dresses or tops. Dark shoes — no sneakers. If shoes are open toed, black stockings MUST be worn.

Flute Choir Members: If you are wearing a blouse, MAKE SURE it is long enough (i.e., no bare midriffs while playing).

Women in the Evans Orchestra and Junior Flute Choir should wear long-sleeved white blouses and long dark skirts or wide-legged dress slacks. No sneakers.

Members of Junior Strings will be notified of concert dress, which will be some variation of the above-mentioned attire.

Returning Members

Returning string players who are currently members in good standing in an orchestra and who wish to return to their current orchestra for the next concert season can do so.

You must notify the General Manager and a $50 deposit is required to hold your chair before the spring auditions take place for new members.

String players who wish to move up to a more advanced orchestra must audition for that ensemble.

All woodwind, brass, and percussion players must re-audition for the next season, whether or not they wish to continue on in a particular orchestra/ensemble or move up to a more advanced group. An audition fee of $50 will be required at the time of audition for the next season.