These award-winning ensembles develop intermediate and advanced flute players of all ages and offers opportunities for performance in YOCVA concerts and community events.  Prelude Flutes is intended for beginning to intermediate flutists, while the Flute Choir is made up of intermediate students. Our most advanced flute students are members of the Flute Ensemble.  

Please see information below regarding audition requirements.  For a printable version, see links at very bottom of page.  

Scheduling Note:  Placement auditions into the flute choir and flute ensemble will be held separately from YOCVA's main auditions. Musicians are exempt from this second audition if they make it into the Youth Symphony ONLY. Even if a musician is trying out for one of our full-symphony orchestras (Evans or Youth Symphony), ALL auditions are processed through the main audition scheduling link (found on the general information page for auditions). Once you fill in the audition request form, you will be emailed a link to reserve a time slot for flute auditions.

The Prelude Flutes  (for beginning to intermediate flutists): No audition is required for admittance to this group; we only request a recommendation from your flute teacher.


The Flute Choir (for intermediate to advanced-intermediate flutists): Please note that this is an informal meeting with Mrs. Kelly to see if this ensemble is a good fit for you! 

  • Prepared piece: One short selection of your choice, no more than two minutes in length, which demonstrates your musicality, tone, and technical skill

  • Scales: Choose two major scales up to and including four sharps and flats, two octaves

 The Flute Ensemble (for advanced flutists):

  • Prepared pieces: Excerpt (which can be found below) plus solo of your choice

  • Scales: All major scales up to and including six sharps and flats; three-octave scales where possible

  • Sight reading: You will be asked to sight read a short selection.

Audition Requirements for Flute Ensemble and Choir (downloadable pdf)

Audition excerpts for Flute Ensemble (no excerpt  required for Flute Choir):