Youth Symphony

The Youth Symphony, our senior full-symphony orchestra founded in 1977, consists of approximately 50 advanced youth musicians performing original orchestral masterworks.

Charles West, Conductor

Please see information below for audition requirements.  For a printable version, see link at bottom of page.  



Youth Symphony (all instruments except percussion):

  • Prepared Piece: Please prepare two contrasting pieces or excerpts, each not more than two minutes in length, which demonstrate your musicality, tone, and technical skill.
  • Scales (all instruments): All major scales up to and including six sharps and flats and melodic minor scales up to three sharps and flats; three octaves for strings, as many as possible on instrument for winds/brass.
  • Sight Reading: You will be asked to sight read a short selection.


Youth Symphony Percussionists:

  • Please demonstrate 1.) Long roll (concert-style) – pp<FF->pp      2.) Single Paradiddles    3.) Flams   4.) Drags
  • Please prepare two etudes on snare drum, keyboard, and/or timpani.
  • Sight reading: You will be asked to sight read a short selection.